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Tic Tac Watch Of Switzerland

Tic Tac Watch

A watch made in Switzerland.


A small country anchored in the heart of Europe, Switzerland is no less famous for many of its specialties: if you immediately think of chocolate (or Ricola), or why not banks, you don’t wrong. But today we are going to talk about the mechanics of time, tic and toc, hands and dial. In other words, Swiss watchmaking…

I recently had the opportunity to discover a website specializing in Made in Switzerland watches, run by a couple of enthusiasts: Swiss Made Watches.

The “City” model by Mathey-Tissot.


The Mathey-Tissot company was founded in 1886 in the Swiss mountains, in the small village of Les Ponts de Martel located nearly 1,000 meters above sea level. For more than a century, this company has always produced watches for both men and women, in keeping with Swiss tradition.

Here is the City model:








Opinion: this watch constitutes an excellent value for money, it makes it possible to give a touch of elegance quite easily. The brown of the dial goes very well with that of the bracelet. If in addition you add a belt or shoes in the same tone, everything is very harmonious. I particularly appreciate the small originality of the hands, which end in a round point.

With a fairly thin case, this watch plays between finesse and discretion. Not being a fan of overly exuberant watches, that’s a good point.

A little extra: the case of the watch, long and flexible, which allows you to keep the strap of the watch well and to transport it easily.

Price: 99€.

Available here.

After talking about the watch, it’s time to look at the site in question.


A site created by two enthusiasts.

I had the pleasure of meeting via Skype the founders of this site. To my great surprise and to my (even more) great pleasure, it is quite simply a couple of watch enthusiasts, based in Sierre in the middle of the Swiss Alps: Cécilia and Marcial. The latter thus decided to take the plunge in 2011 by creating Swiss Made Watches. They now offer nearly 1,900 models (just that). Anxious to offer original watches, they told me that they regularly change their collections in order to regularly offer new models. The steel of the watches is also guaranteed without allergies, the straps of the watches are in real leather (and not any imitation).

What appeals to me most about this project is the human scale of the company despite the wide variety of collections: if you order a watch, it is our two watch enthusiasts who will prepare and ship the order. They are still the ones who take the photos of the models presented on the site.

The site itself is well designed, a virtual clock awaits you on the homepage and everything is done to stay within the theme. There is something for all tastes and all budgets. Among the watches on offer, you can find: Mathey-Tissot, André-Mouche, Jacques du Manoir, Jowissa…

A model that particularly caught my attention for its originality: watches including a small music box in their case…

Promo code.

I couldn’t talk to you about watches without offering you a valid promo code on the site. Cécilia and Marcial offer you a 5% reduction on the site until the end of January 2014 with the following code:


With Christmas coming, a watch is always a great gift idea. Hop, direction their site!

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