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Trends For Men Year 2022

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Focus on the men’s fashion trends that will make our year 2021, both for the spring-summer and autumn-winter seasons.

While the year has barely started, we are already wondering what sauce 2021 will eat us in terms of style. The exercise may seem perilous, but it is not so much. Certainly, it is based on what worked last year and on what was rejected, and therefore includes a part of the interpretation. But at the same time, the probability of not being wrong is higher than in a game of roulette because the collections are known and produced a year in advance.

Before starting, we must remember that we often confuse the fact of dressing well and dressing according to the latest trends. If the changing side of fashion allows you to renew yourself a little, you should not abandon your entire wardrobe each season. Because that would on the one hand make you someone who does not have your own style, and on the other hand your bank account would be mistreated.

The key to a successful style that does not gather dust is the ability to appropriate a new trend from time to time in order to slightly evolve your look. To give you a taste of what might interest you this year, here are my predictions on what will be trending. You just have to choose what interests you.

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Men’s Trends Spring – Summer 2021

Floral prints

The return to 1970s prints has had a strong impact over the past five years. This trend will continue this season, with rather large prints.

If we now see these patterns on pants, shorts, shirts and jackets, it is better to keep it simple and wear only one floral garment. You will avoid extravagance while displaying your style.

Bermuda shorts (slightly) loose

True, there is no question of wearing velvet pants or thick jeans in the summer. But there are still several possible options, such as linen pants or Bermuda shorts. The latter, precisely, should be very present this summer.

More specifically, we will see the appearance of Bermuda shorts that are a little longer and a little wider than in past years. This cut is in line with the current fashion for slightly larger clothes.

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To wear a rather loose Bermuda, the key is to choose the right length. Specifically, it should fall 5 to 7 cm above the knee. For style, aim instead for sober models that could be associated with both casual and dressy pieces.

The casual suit

As we move forward into 2021, more relaxed silhouettes will continue to take precedence over slim, figure-hugging fits. These slightly larger garments are actually a revival of the style of the 1980s and 1990s.

Slightly loose cuts, especially for suits, can be both stylish and risky. A poorly tailored suit will quickly give the impression that you are swimming in it. To take no risk, make an appointment with your tailor. And if you are looking for one, write to me in the comments!

The outdoor breakthrough

The outdoor (that is to say outerwear) has been rubbing shoulders with haute couture for a few years, so much so that we do not see a parade without it. And like all trends in haute couture, this fashion was then declined in ready-to-wear. Recently, for example, we have seen collaborations between Palace and Arc-teryx or Gucci and The North Face.

Today we see a lot of collections including technical clothing, and this trend will continue this summer.

The vertical bands

Vertical stripes have at least two qualities: first, it’s an easy way to experiment with patterns while obtaining a simple and elegant result. But they also make it possible to refine and enlarge the silhouette for people wishing to conceal a few kilos.

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For a slightly more advanced effect, you can choose a fabric with strips of different sizes.

Mid-wash denim

Jeans are still permitted in the fall, early and late summer. That is, when the temperature does not rise above 22-23 degrees. If dark or raw jeans are part of the great classics of the male wardrobe, they are not ideal when the temperature rises a little.

In this case, it is better to turn to shades a little lighter. And this year, it’s not light jeans that will be in fashion, but mid-washed ones.

The Cuban collar

We’ve been talking about it for a few years, and the trend is confirmed. Cuban collars, recognizable by their rounded and relaxed shape, are making a comeback this year.

They bring a touch of nonchalance while allowing the wearing of a shirt and will go very well with smart shorts.

The 100% white look

If monochrome looks have never disappeared from the radar, this year will bring its share of challenges with an all-white look. Well done, it will give you an unparalleled style. But mismatched, it will entirely ruin your appearance.

The key to success is to choose clothes in different shades of white (pure white, off-white, cream, ivory, etc.). And if you have any doubts, you can always complete the whole thing with a navy blue sweater, for more security.

Men’s Trends Fall-Winter 2021

Confirmation of the oversize

Suits won’t be the only ones that will continue the oversized trend in 2021. As fall and winter roll in, oversized coats, jackets and puffer jackets will be a must.

Longline Oversized Double Breasted Overcoat | boohooMAN UK

The big plus of this trend is its compatibility with layering. The larger cut of the coat will allow it to slip easily under other garments, such as a denim jacket, a sweatshirt and a polo shirt.

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The fleece

The return of the fleece is a symptomatic element of the thrust of the outdoors in our style. To follow the trend, turn to a slightly retro fleece which will in itself be a strong piece of your look.

Stick to just one piece of fleece in your look and pair it with other textures (like denim or knitwear) to add some depth to your look.


In recent years, velvet has been talking about him again. If it first came back through dressy costumes, today it is uninhibited and colonizes many other types of clothing. There are thus corduroy pants, jackets and shirts in this material.

Its two benefits are the warmth it provides and the texture it adds to a look. The more the corduroy is ribbed (ie the more you see its grooves), the more it gives a raw and workwear aspect.

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Technical jackets

It is yet another manifestation of the colonization of our dressing room by outerwear. For fall-winter 2021, expect to find technical jackets cut short, which will be as useful for going out in the rain as for serving as a windbreaker on the bike.

Checkered patterns

The tiles never deviate much from the main trends, but they are more or less visible. For this winter, they should return to the front of the stage, now that the hipster effect has passed and that men are allowed to wear them again.

Checked patterns go particularly well with flannel shirts.

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