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Watches According to the Occasions

Watches According to the Ocassions (1) (1)

On each occasion, his watch. You still have to know which one to wear for each event. We tell you everything. 

Today, the watch is no longer just for telling the time. It is a real fashion accessory that all men should have in their jewellery box. A watch is no longer enough, now every watch is worn for every occasion. For a wedding, a birthday, a company dinner or an outing with friends, your watch should be suitable for each of these events. 

Luxury watches are at the heart of fashion. Indeed, watchmakers and jewellers work together to create unique pieces of unparalleled beauty. And if you believe that luxury is unattainable, know that there are now many brands that offer luxury quality men’s watches, thanks to precious materials and elegant design, at a reasonable price. 

Of course, the luxury watch is an accessory that must be worn for special occasions. Eccentricity or, on the contrary, discreet, the choice depends on many factors that we are going to present to you. So, follow our article to find out which watch to choose for special occasions. 


The different types of luxury watch according to the occasions 

As we told you before, for every occasion there is a watch. 

On a daily basis, you can wear a sober, elegant and refined luxury watch. A leather or mesh strap is perfect for this type of use. On the dial side, everything is permitted. It’s a watch you’ll wear every day, so it’s essential that it suits you, your values ​​and your personality. 

For the most important events, bet on a luxury watch that stands out from the rest. Be the centre of attention with a watch that fits your wrist perfectly. Be careful, the colour of the leather or the threads is very important. Indeed, you need colours that highlight you. This is called colourimetry! Warm complexion or cold complexion, it is necessary to know in which category you are in order to best wear your watch. Indeed, a gold case will not suit everything, the same for a silver case. So, to make the best choice, find out! 

It is important to choose the right style for every occasion. Once again, we repeat it to you, but watches allow you to showcase yourself and assert your personality. So don’t skimp on this more than important fashion accessory in creating your style! 


Raidillon: the luxury watch brand for men 

Founded in 2001, Raidillon is a brand of luxury watches and accessories for men. It takes its name from the famous and steep bend of the Spa-Francorchamps circuit in Belgium. 

Symbol of the Belgian brand, the number 55 is none other than the number of cars that can participate in a race on the Spa-Francorchamps circuit. As you will have understood, Raidillon is a brand that perfectly embodies the “Gentleman Driver” philosophy. 

Each of the watches is engraved with a serial number. Each series is limited to 55 pieces, the symbolic number of Raidillon. In addition, they are all equipped with the Swiss-mad movement. 

Irremediably masculine and luxurious, Raidillon watches represent elegance and modern style par excellence. The brand currently offers four collections: Casual, Concept, Timeless and Racing. 

Raidillon luxury watch collections 

Casual watches are ideal for everyday life. For dynamic men with a very active lifestyle, you can choose any model from this collection on the  David Watches site specializing in the purchase and sale of luxury watches! 

For Concept watches, there is an innovative design that will not go unnoticed. Perfect for special occasions, you will easily distinguish yourself from the models in this collection. 

Timeless watches perfectly represent class and elegance. Sober, but distinguished, this collection will be suitable for everyday life as well as for more important events. At work, you will undoubtedly cause a sensation among your colleagues! 

Finally, the Racing watch collection is rawer, more iconic. Directly inspired by motor racing on the Belgian circuit, Racing watches take their design from the most iconic racing cars. Luxurious as you wish, they can however be worn perfectly for everyday life.

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