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Wearing Style Of A Watch

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A watch is an accessory that has a decisive impact on your outfit and your style. If you are at least concerned about your image, knowing how to wear a watch is therefore important. This accessory says a lot about your tastes. However, not all watches are worn the same. You will not dress in the same way if you wear a Cartier or a Casio. Conversely, the choice of your watch may be influenced by the style you want to wear. So, what type of watch should you choose to impose your style?

Chic and trendy watches

Luxury watches are usually simple and elegant, they are ideal to wear with your suits. There are generally few complications on the dial and their strap is generally made of leather. These watches being the most formal, they should be favoured during special events such as weddings, cocktail parties, graduation ceremonies, baptisms, etc. They can also accompany your professional looks  (client meeting, salon or interview).

In concrete terms, they go very well with French cuff shirts, formal suits and tuxedos. They will also pair effortlessly with a blazer worn over an Oxford shirt. Conversely, anything less formal (t-shirt, polo shirt, sailor top, safari jacket in particular) should be avoided, at the risk of creating an inelegant contrast. Among the reference dress watches, we find in particular the Zodiac, Alpina, Meistersinger, Rolex, etc. For a refined look,  opt for a trendy watch, ideal for accessorizing your outfits.

Man pulling the sleeve of his coat to read the time on his watch

Diving watches

Diving watches are among the most robust on the market. And for good reason, they were designed to withstand the depths of the oceans. These watches are generally bulky and have a relatively large dial. Their hands and numerals are very often luminescent, in order to be able to read the time and the duration of oxygen remaining underwater, even if the light is low.

Of course, they are intended to be worn during diving sessions, but not only. They go very well with our everyday casual looks. If the watch has a rather minimalist aesthetic (that is to say not too bulky), it can also join a smart casual look, which is halfway between dressed and relaxed. In concrete terms, the diver’s watch can be worn with just about everything you have in your wardrobe: a t-shirt, polo shirt, shirt, chinos, shorts, etc. However, it should be avoided for all your formal looks, especially in suits. You can get a diver’s watch such as the Rolex Submariner for example.

sports watches

Sports watches are designed to accompany you during your training sessions. Designed for effort and performance, they offer a relatively resistant case and easy reading of the time. It is possible to wear your sports watches outside the training grounds. For a  successful inclusion in your everyday looks, be sure to adopt a casual style, that is to say, every day. Conversely, avoid any piece that is a little too dressy, because the watch would stand out with the whole.

Sports watches naturally accompany all clothing that is placed on the athleisure field. That is to say your joggers, shorts, t-shirts and other pairs of sneakers. Jeans, which are very versatile, will also be an option that will work well. However, all dressy clothes should be avoided, again so as not to decide too much. Without going into details, there is a wide variety of sports watches, whose characteristics vary according to the discipline for which they were created. We will thus find different compilations according to the sports concerned (chronograph, tachymeter in particular). Here are some known models of sports watches: Ice watches, Lacoste, Casio, etc.

The eccentric watches

Very often very elaborate, these watches will be the highlight of your look. The remarkable appearance of a watch takes into account different criteria: the size of the watch, its colours, the materials in which it is made or its functions. While it can be as precious as a formal watch, the latter is much more discreet where the remarkable watch is very visible. If you want to opt for a trendy watch, it is among this category that you will have to turn. This type of timepiece is for people who are confident enough in themselves and their looks to flaunt an eye-catching accessory. It’s a great way to experiment and add some pizzazz to your looks.

These watches can be worn with just about any outfit, as long as you have the daring mood to go with it. Combo chinos and polo, suit and sneakers or even shorts and blazer, all the blows are potentially allowed. However, it is advisable to temper a strong accessory with more discreet clothes. If you wear a particularly visible watch, avoid choosing very original pieces. You will then obtain a rather balanced result.

5 tips for wearing your watch in style

If after reviewing these major categories of watches, you still have doubts about how to wear them in style, here are 5 tips to make sure you’re not mistaken.

The right watch for the right occasion

It is essential to know which watch corresponds to which occasion. If you have to go to a formal event, for example, the dress watch will be your best ally. If, on the other hand,  the dress code is more relaxed, a diver’s watch will be quite possible. If no particular dress code is expected, then the set of watches will be your playground.

The right watch and bracelet size

If you are looking for a new watch, you need to consider the size you want to wear. To determine which is the right size for you, simply measure your wrist. If it is around 15 to 17 mm, choose a small or medium size case (38mm, 40mm or even 42 mm). If your wrist is wider, prefer larger cases (42 to 46 mm). However, take into account your personal preferences in terms of look. The size of your bracelet must also be perfectly adapted to your wrist. Without being stuck to your skin, the watch should not move excessively when you are in motion.

Man wearing gold watch with blue dial

The agreement between the bracelet and your other leather accessories

If your watch has a leather strap, match the colour of this strap with your other leather accessories (shoes, belt). This will create a cohesive whole that will give you a neat look. Again, this is not an absolute rule, but a guideline if you don’t want to take the risk.

The agreement between metals

If your bracelet is metal, then make sure it matches your other metal accessories. If, for example, you wear gold bracelets, it is better to avoid a silver bracelet. This advice applies to all relatively visible metal parts that you can wear: cufflinks, tie clips, etc. As you will have understood, the watch is an essential element of your outfit, so it is a question of choosing it with the greatest care.

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