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What Are Citizen Watches

It’s the fashion accessory that all men should have, the watch is coming back more and more to the front of the stage. The Citizen brand offers us an elegant, masculine and daring collection.

This year, the Citizen watch collection is once again breathtaking. Luxurious watches, a design entirely thought out for men, an elegant dial. Citizen is the brand to know and remember to dress your wrist with dignity. Take advantage of our article on the subject to find the watch that meets all your expectations.

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Citizen: the intrepid watch brand

The Japanese brand Citizen has always been in eternal competition with the Seiko brand. However, Citizen has its own history, marked by well-known personalities. Where Swiss watchmaking imposes itself, Japanese watchmaking today proves its know-how thanks to watches that are as qualitative as they are aesthetic.

It was in 1918 that it all started for citizens, but originally, the Japanese brand did not bear this name. It was in 1924 that the first pocket watch named “Citizen” appeared. In 1930, the brand officially adopted this name, advocating a citizen approach with the hope that every citizen of the city of Tokyo could one day afford a watch.

Since that day, Citizen has continued to grow, becoming one of the leaders in the world of watchmaking. From the mid-range that borders on the high-end, Citizen watches are a compendium of styles ranging from the most sporty to the most elegant. Whatever your style of dress, there will always be a Citizen to satisfy you. It’s very simple, the Japanese brand has only one goal: that all citizens can afford and wear a Citizen watch. There is no more social class, there is only fashion, style and class.

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Citizen’s iconic watches

Since its inception, Citizen has never stopped releasing collections. The most emblematic of them continue to seduce thousands of men around the world.

We can notably cite the famous Citizen Military which has been able to reinvent itself over time. Formerly essential for the military, it has now become a real collector’s item. All men should have one! The Citizen Military has had a makeover in recent years with collections that are just as sober as ever, but with unparalleled elegance. The Eco-Drive range promises a watch with a vintage dial and retro bezel. Enough to convince lovers of classic style!

The Promaster is Citizen’s adventurer. The perfect opposite of the Military, it is distinguished by its very raw, very masculine style. It will accompany you on all terrains, whatever the weather. Altitude evaluation, atmospheric pressure sensor, resistance to extreme conditions, the Citizen Promaster watch is the watch for the intrepid!

Finally, the Citizen Pilote is the everyday watch par excellence. A version with a leather strap and another with a steel strap will satisfy most of you. The dial is sober and elegant, the hands are large and the price is unbelievable.

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