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What Is A Charlie Paris Watch

Charlie Paris watch

Zoom on the GR (or Grande Randonnée) watch created by Charlie Paris in partnership with the French Federation of Hiking.

When it comes to men’s watches, there are two schools. On the one hand, fans of big houses like Cartier, Omega or Seiko, and on the other, those who prefer young brands like Charlie Paris. It is precisely the latter that we will focus on today.

In the beginning, Charlie Paris is the story of two childhood friends who couldn’t find a shoe that suited them. Or rather, watch on their wrist. So much so that in 2014, they decided to launch their brand to create the models of their dreams, precisely inspired by dream models, but more accessible than the collections of the big luxury houses. Today, around ten people, an e-shop and a boutique (located at 53 Rue Saint-André des Arts in the 6th arrondissement) keep the adventure alive.

Among the collections, there are as many men’s and women’s watches, as mechanical or quartz. And among the latest creations is the GR or Grande Randonnée.

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The Great Hike (GR for short)

Watches are often linked to sports practice. The first that come to mind are diving, car racing or aviation. But with the GR, it’s about hiking. GR® is in fact a brand belonging to the French Federation of Hiking (FFRP), with which Charlie Paris has formed a partnership for the occasion. For the record, the FFRP brings together 8,500 volunteer markers who maintain and support the 180,000 km of the French network.

men's watch charlie paris

The watch was therefore designed for the practice of the mark, whether at high intensity or simply for recreational purposes. Among the GR models, we find in particular the Ocean Blue, which can be accompanied by several nylon or leather straps. This is one of the particularities of the watch, its bracelets are interchangeable in order to vary the styles and meet the needs. If you are planning a weekend hike, nylon will be ideal; conversely, if you have an appointment, a leather strap will give a more dressed effect, especially with its topstitching.

men's watch charlie paris GR blue
men's watch charlie paris gr blue
blue charlie paris men's watch
blue charlie paris men's watch

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Technical sheet

Let’s go a little more into the technical detail of the GR.

Quartz or mechanical watch. The GR comes in both quartz and mechanical. If you can’t think of the difference anymore, quartz watches run on a battery that delivers current through quartz crystals to the watch mechanism. Conversely, the mechanical watch does not include a battery and operates using a spring that automatically re-tensions with wrist movements, provided you wear it. Overall, the quartz watch is preferred by those who do not want to wind their watch, while its mechanical counterpart will delight fans of more classic watches.

Assembly in France. The watch is assembled in France and more precisely in Besançon, which is a historic watchmaking basin in France.

Citizen Miyota Caliber 0T45 movement. Inside the watch, it is a Miyota Cal.0T45 movement that we find. It is one of the most famous Japanese movements, which has become known for its great reliability and its robustness.

Miyota caliber 0t45 watch mechanism front view
Miyota caliber 0t45 watch mechanism back view

Stainless steel case. Let’s not forget that the purpose of the watch is in particular to follow you on a hike. It is therefore no surprise that we find a stainless steel case (which promises to be resistant) (to be able to bathe with it in complete serenity). The glass is of the sapphire category, that is to say, it will also be able to resist scratches and shocks.

Interchangeable straps. As we said, the straps are interchangeable, which is a good way to adapt the watch to the uses you intend for it. If you plan to swim, nylon will be ideal. Changing your bracelet is also an opportunity to give your watch a new look at a lower cost.

Complications. The watch being sober and timeless, the complications are relatively simple: there is a small second as well as the date.

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