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What is a WysiWatch?


A wristwatch is a French watch brand born in 2010. The concept? They can be personalized by yourself online and are made in France, near Besançon.



You are the artist!

The slogan speaks for itself: “what you see is watch you get”. Geeks will immediately understand the reference, it’s actually a pun taken from “Wysiwyg” (what you see is what you get).


 Culture point: The Wysiwyg is a user interface that allows you to visually compose the result you want. More simply, Word is for example a Wysiwyg interface: the text and layout you see on the screen will be the same as on your sheet when you print your document.


The watchword is therefore given: compose your watch directly online, via the following interface. You can customize almost everything: the half-bracelets, the case, the dial,…

It is even possible to include your own photos or text. Nice for occasions or personalized gifts!



New NATO collection.

If you are out of inspiration, there are also ready-made models.

The Nato collection is the latest from the brand. This name actually refers to the canvas watch straps passing under the watch case (see photos). These watches were, for the record, used by the English military because of their resistance.

I was able to test the Nato Orange model, here are the photos I took.



Price: 51€

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