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Which Outfit is Best For Wedding

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The wedding season is approaching, it’s time to take stock of the latest fashion trends for this long-awaited day. This year, sneakers are in the spotlight. Yes, but for whom? We tell you everything. 

The wedding, this day both expected and dreaded by all. It’s the day when you will say yes to the love of your life, the day when you will take out your best costume to present yourself in front of your guests. We all know the classic brogues, great favorites of the bride and groom. What if you get married in sneakers? Surprise, it’s a big yes! 

Ultra trendy, elegant and relaxed, the pair of sneakers has everything to capsize your heart. We recently explained to you how to wear it, now let’s see how to wear it for your wedding. Because yes, gentlemen, we are not talking about sneakers to dress the guests, but to dress the groom.


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Premium sneakers: presentation of Paire et Fils

Paire & Fils is the French brand of luxury sneakers you need to know. Sublime pairs, made in Portugal, to satisfy the greatest number of you. Today, the brand has chosen to offer high-end and timeless products. Of undeniable quality, Paire & Fils sneakers are as comfortable as they are elegant. 

Hand-worked, the leather brings a real touch of elegance to what normally looks like sports shoes. The pairs of Paire & Fils sneakers thus become real charming assets, they are both trendy and versatile. You can wear them with both a casual look and a chic look. There and all the interest of the brand, to make this pair of shoes the easiest to wear and the most accessible. 

Each Paire & Fils shoe is worked in a workshop in Portugal, respecting the traditions of shoemakers. On the manufacturing side, the shoe is mounted on a rubber sole which makes it very resistant. Apart from the sole, the entire sneaker is made of leather. The latter, smooth or grained, is available in different colors to satisfy all men. The Blake seam guarantees the quality and sturdiness of the shoe, while the 100% calfskin lining provides unparalleled comfort. 

Wearing sneakers for a wedding: yes, but for what style?

Today, sneakers are the shoes that all men must have in their wardrobe. A white pair adapts to all clothing styles and offers an effect that is as cool as it is elegant. You can’t imagine arriving at your wedding with the classic pair of Richelieu or Derby? This year, sneakers have their place on the wedding side and they are popular. 

So  wearing men’s dress sneakers to a wedding  is just a formality for you. You know your style, you claim it and your wedding day won’t take it away from you! Dare premium sneakers, surprise those around you with elegant models that will fit perfectly for the best day of your life. 

Bohemian-chic or casual wedding? Gentlemen, it’s time to take out your best pair of sneakers. The Paire & Fils pairs from the L’Homme Narcissique and L’Homme Cohérent collections are our favorites from the brand for a wedding. With a light-colored suit, break the codes with white, elegant and undeniably comfortable shoes. Because yes, you will spend the whole day (and even the night!) in your sneakers. So, you might as well make the moment pleasant and bet on a pair that will offer you all the comfort you need to last all those hours.

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Sneakers for a wedding: beware!

Be careful, sneakers are perfect for casual or bohemian chic styles, but will not be suitable for a formal wedding! They are, in fact, ideal with light suits, and for weddings with relaxed themes. So, don’t make the mistake of wearing one if your wedding and its atmosphere don’t lend themselves to it. 

So, of course you can get married in sneakers, but there are still a few rules that should not be waived. That of the formal and casual mix, it’s no! You may not look good in front of your partner’s family, especially if the family members are sticking to tradition. 

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