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Who is Jale Inan, Why did she Die? Biography of Jale Inan, Doodle on Google

Who is Jale Inan

One of Turkey’s leading archaeologists, Jale Inan, who is Doodle on the world-famous search engine Google today, was not forgotten on her 20th death anniversary. Citizens on the subject; Who is Jale Inan, when and how she died, she wonders the answers to questions. Here is the biography of Jale Inan, who is Doodle on Google today

One of the most important archaeologists our country has produced, Jale Inan is commemorated by the technology giant Google on the 20th anniversary of her passing. We have gathered information about Jale Inan, whose life story is one of the most searched topics of the day.


Jale Inan was born on February 1, 1914, in Istanbul. Inan, whose father is a museum curator and archaeologist Aziz Ogan, and whose mother is Ms Mesture, completed her high school education at Erenköy Girls’ High School. She became acquainted with archaeology at an early age by participating in her father’s professional travels.

He went to Germany in 1934 to study archaeology with the scholarship of the Aleksander von Humboldt Foundation. Between 1935-1943, he completed his undergraduate and doctoral studies in classical archaeology at the universities of Berlin and Munich. In 1943, Prof. Dr After completing his doctorate under Rodenwalt, he returned to Turkey. Professor at the Antiquity Chair of the Faculty of Letters at Istanbul University. Dr Appointed as the assistant of Clemens Emn Bosch, Jale Inan married Mustafa Inan, whom she met in high school, in 1944. The following year, their only child, Hüseyin, was born. 

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