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Why Tudor Watch Is Important?

The men’s watch has become an essential accessory to have. More than that, the watch has now become an investment.

The Tudor brand, born in February 1926, is the brainchild of the world’s most famous watchmaker, Hans Wilsdorf. This name is not unknown to you? It’s normal. Hans Wilsdorf is none other than the founder of Rolex. Tudor is Rolex’s little sister. Less luxurious, but just as qualitative, its founder wanted to create a brand of watches that offer more affordable prices, while maintaining unbeatable quality.

Today, the Tudor watch is a godsend for luxury enthusiasts. Buying a watch from the Swiss brand today is a real investment. So, let’s see together why buy a Tudor watch.

The sporty and audacious Tudor watch

Gentlemen, you have a lavishly designed watch there. Worthy of Rolex, the Tudor watch is none other than the brainchild of Hans Wilsdorf. We owe him a lot because today we can enjoy luxurious watches at prices bordering on the irrational. In 1936, the brand took a major turn for its future. Its founder then decided to offer his brand the same technical and aesthetic characteristics as Rolex. But that’s not all, Hans Wilsdorf also shared the same distribution and the same after-sales service!

How is it possible to find watches at this price, with such exceptional quality? Precious materials, meticulous design, audacity, virility. This is the definition of a Tudor watch. A true symbol of masculinity, Tudor watches for men are perfect for any occasion. It is certain that you must have one in your selection. But which one to choose?

The Black Bay collection is certainly the most famous of all. It comes in several models, all very elegant. The Pelagos collection is sportier than the others when the Tudor Heritage Chrono takes up the codes of the chronographs of the 70s. All Tudor watches awaken the spirit of men, with assertive lines, neat contours and remarkable performance.

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A long-term investment

The world of watchmaking is today a niche for investors. For several years now, the luxury watch market has continued to welcome new investors. Omega, Rolex, and Hublot are only a tiny part of the greats of this world. Today, Tudor falls into this luxurious category.

By investing in a Tudor watch, you place your finances in safety. Over time, collections increase in value. Thus, the price of watches increases over the years, making them increasingly rare. With ambassadors like David Beckham, the brand continues to gain notoriety. It now stands out as the brand to know, but above all as the brand where it is interesting to invest.

More than a fashion accessory, the Tudor watch is now something to invest in. In addition to having a luxurious watch on your wrist, made with care that is unique to Rolex, you have acquired a piece that will increase in value over time.

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