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Winter 2022 Colour Dressing

colours for winter 2022

Winter is a season for darker colors. Discover how to wear color in winter for your men’s looks.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to wear the colors of the moment to be well dressed. No one will judge you if you wear a shade that was fashionable a few years ago. Especially because very few people are aware of the latest trends, and there is not one but several colors in vogue simultaneously.

Choosing the colors you wear is much simpler. As long as you follow a few simple rules (knowing how to dress for the occasion, choosing colors according to your complexion and combining shades that don’t clash), you won’t be able to make a mistake.

Winter is a season when we are tempted to favor comfort. We feel less adventurous, and so we often stick to classic colors. Gray, black and navy blue then become the colors of everyday life. But it is also possible to wear different colors in this season. In other words, monotony is not at all inevitable.

Here are the right gestures to easily wear color in winter.


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How to wear colour in winter

If you follow a few basic rules, you can wear color during the fall-winter season without risk.

Pay attention to your skin tone

In summary, skin tones can be divided into three broad categories. If your complexion is rather light, it is better to favor dark shades. If it’s closer to olive green, everything will suit you except yellow. And if you’re lucky enough to have dark skin, the possibilities are limitless.

Basically, the darker your skin, the easier it is to wear any color. As skin tone varies greatly from person to person, you have to experiment. At home or in the store, in front of the mirror, try colors that take you out of your comfort zone. You will quickly realize if they work or not.

Be careful with associations

In general, you can remember that light colors stand out more when paired with black or white. This means that your favorite black jeans won’t necessarily go with all your other colorful clothes.

Instead, try a navy or gray chino instead, which will create a softer contrast to the bold hues.

Pay attention to materials

The same color will not give the same effect depending on the fabric on which it is applied. Artificial fabrics such as polyester or acrylic will give a lively and colourful effect, while natural materials (wool, cotton in particular) will be much less shiny but will add more depth to the garment, in particular by creating a play of micro-shadows.

Dress according to the season

Yes, it is obvious that you are not going to put on your shorts and your linen shirt in the middle of December. But the logic does not stop there. As the days get shorter and the darkness more present, your clothes should traditionally also get darker. This does not mean that a sunny yellow is importable in winter, but it requires great mastery of its style.

During the cold season, deep and darker shades are a safe and relevant choice. Just take your favorite colors and choose the dark version. If you like red, burgundy will be a good alternative, for example. And if yellow is your favourite shade, a mustard sweater will work wonders.

Start with a garment

If you’re taking your first steps into the world of colorful clothing, start with just one outfit or accessory. For example, a pair of alexander McQueen men‘s sneakers will be a good choice.

If you want to push the experience a little further, khaki pants or a mustard scarf will be as effective as they are safe. More visual because bigger, but also without risk, the camel coat will be a very good ally.

Four must-have winter colours

Some colors are easier than others to wear during the fall-winter season. Here are 4 that will not fail you. This list, of course, is not exhaustive.


Rust, which is a color derived from orange, often returns once September has passed. So much so that it is sometimes described as a neutral color . It works particularly well with cotton and wool, so you can easily find it on sweaters.

The khaki

Khaki is also a neutral color. Initially from the military world, it is now very present in our civilian dressing rooms. It will go very well with camel, beige and other variations of brown. Gray also works great with it.

Some brands regularly offer models in this shade, such as Tommy Hilfiger Homme .

The bed of wine

When the mercury drops, a good glass of mulled wine quickly warms us up. And the wine color can bring warmth to your style. It is a variant of burgundy, but redder. It will add depth to your look and result in a more chic style.

However, beware of associations, this color will only really work with navy blue, black or gray.

The mustard

The colour mustard is a bit like its namesake condiment: it brings a little more flavour to your look. This derivative of yellow makes it possible to add light to winter outfits that are otherwise too dark. It will go very well with earth colours, as well as with navy blue.

The easiest way to wear mustard is to choose a sweater or scarf in this shade.


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