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Winter Men’s Lather Jackets 2022-2023

Shopping selection of three leather jackets for Fall-Winter 2022-23: suede bomber jacket, black perfecto and shearling jacket.

There are few materials that reflect style, allure and masculinity as well as leather. And this is even truer for jackets. They are as much a testosterone concentrate as a very versatile style accessory. So much so that they are generally found in every dressing room. There are several types of leather jackets (and at very variable prices), to choose from according to your style and your desires.

After going through the different types of jackets, we review three men’s leather jackets for this winter.

The different types of leather jackets

Men have been wearing skins from various animals since the dawn of time. It is therefore no surprise that we find leather on our shoulders as much as on our feet. However, these accessories have evolved a lot, under the influence of technological developments and our needs. The leather jacket, for example, was popularized in the early 1900s, when Man began to tame the skies. In his cockpit, he needed clothing to keep him warm. This is how the first aviator jackets, usually brown, were created.

Their style then evolved when in 1928, a certain Irving Schott, then a manufacturer of raincoats, created the first biker jacket for Harley Davidson. This piece took the name of perfecto, after the name of his favourite cigar. Its mission was to protect bikers from the elements and accidents.

During World War II, the aviator jacket evolved again into the bomber jacket. It was then highly prized for its unequalled thermal properties; it had been designed to keep the pilots warm, their cockpits being unheated.

Today, the leather jacket takes many forms. Some models are faithful to their original creation while others, under the pencil strokes of designers, continue to evolve. The common point to all is that they generally represent a small budget in our dressing room. But the quality does not come without the cost, these jackets are generally the ones that accompany the longest.

Shopping selection of men’s leather jackets

Here is a selection of men’s winter leather jackets found at De Bijenkorf to complete your wardrobe for this winter.

The suede aviator jacket

veste-cuir-ralph-lauren-1-741x1024 (1) veste-cuir-sandro-742x1024 (1)

This aviator-type leather jacket in goat suede will be perfect for casual styles. Its textured material will add depth to your looks, while its elastic waist will make it follow your silhouette. It goes very well with raw indigo blue jeans and a pair of black or brown leather men’s boots.

The black biker jacket

Hugo Boss black biker jacket, €549

Basic among the basics, the perfecto is a must for anyone who loves motorcycles or rock’n’roll style. It is less versatile than the bomber jacket but gives a much sharper style. It can be worn with raw jeans and boots, as well as with suit pants and a pair of white sneakers for a contrasting effect.

The shearling jacket

The shearling jacket is one of the warmest coats there is. It will correspond to casual or workwear styles, for those who like raw clothes. This jacket will be the highlight of your look on its own, so it’s best to stay sober for the rest: jeans or chinos and sneakers or boots to finish it off.

Goosecraft sheepskin collar jacket, €699
Goosecraft sheepskin collar jacket, €699


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