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Wooden Made Bracelets And Watches

wooden made bracelets and watches

The big trend of the year, wood is becoming a must in fashion accessories. Today, we are focusing on wooden bracelets and watches.

Wooden bracelets and watches are highly valued today for their health benefits and natural aesthetics. They have the advantage of completing our everyday outfits while reinforcing our image. They are also an excellent alternative to gold and precious metals. We wear them with taste and discretion, in all simplicity.

Wooden watches are in vogue these days and in high demand. They are made by wooden craftsmen all over the world. They are very aesthetic and many are signed. As you will have understood, today we are dedicating our article to wooden bracelets and watches!

Watch straps and wooden watches

They are used by men fond of a natural and elegant style, who prefer this type of accessory to gold or precious stone jewellery.

You can wear them with all your outfits and combine them with other bracelets. They are highly prized by watch enthusiasts, who appreciate their originality.

Wooden watches are a significant investment, some models can cost up to several thousand euros, but they do not lose their value over time. They are also very popular with collectors and art lovers.

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What type of wood is used for a wooden watch?

The woods used for wooden watches are often exotic. Mahogany is a variety of ebony wood. It is very hard and is used for the most expensive wooden watches. There are also watches made of maple, birch, oak and teak wood.

If you want to buy a wooden watch, the first thing to do is to determine the type of wood you need. Oak and teak are the most affordable options. They are generally quite light and quite resistant to shocks.

Maple wood and oak are the most impact resistant materials. Maple wood is very durable and offers great impact resistance. It is also very durable against temperature variations.

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Apple Watch wooden bands

Very refined, the wooden Apple Watch strap adds an exotic touch to any outfit. Today we are lucky to be able to enjoy a wide range of straps for our Apple Watch. Very easy to change, the strap is an important part of your watch. Indeed, this is what will add your personal touch to each of your outfits.

The wooden bracelet thus makes it possible to bring elegance to your style, but also to stand out from the others. It is certain that you will cause a sensation with those around you with a wooden Apple Watch strap! So you can wear your Apple Watch with every outfit imaginable, and even change the strap with each new outfit.

If you are looking for something original to personalize your Apple Watch, there are several materials that will allow you to do so. So you can choose to wear a wooden bracelet. The latter is presented in several models, and will allow you to play on the colors. Wood is a noble and elegant material, and will bring personality to your watch. It can be the Apple Watch bracelet that will allow you to wear your watch with all outfits, even in summer. So, if you’re going on vacation, leave your Apple Watch behind and opt for a wooden strap!

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