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Best Men’s Fragrances for Summer 2022-2023

Acqua-Di-Parma- Mens Fragrance (1)

Selection of 5 men’s fragrances to spend the summer of 2021 under the sign of freshness.

Freedom is found little by little. We can now go back to the bar, go to the cinema or to the restaurant and plan our next festivals. Social life finally begins again as summer sets in. Whether it’s going to the office or going out to see friends, we rediscover our daily habits, we once again adopt our reflexes on the right ways to dress. And precisely, among the habits to resume, there is one that should not be overlooked: choosing the right perfume for this summer.

If your visual identity is essential – the idea people have of you is largely influenced by the image you convey at first sight – your olfactory signature is also important. It’s not just about showering regularly (which thankfully is a no-brainer). The choice of perfume you make says a lot about your personality, your mood or even your age.

Each season brings its share of novelties, here is a perfume selection that will make you spend a summer full of aromas.


Kenzo Hyperwave Water

If you are a lover of marine notes, your future perfume is all found. After a few sprays, you will release marine and citrus aromas, supported by a base of foam, for a very refreshing result. Kenzo delivers with this edition a bag partly made of recycled plastics. Pretty handy for taking your stuff to the beach.

kenzo eau hyperwave men's perfume

Hermes H24

Hermès is a house that initially made a name for itself thanks to the talent of its saddlers, those craftsmen who make leather saddles for riders. But since then, the brand has diversified a lot, with some success in perfumes. Novelties are not frequent, and Hermès prefers to take its time to create new juices. The latest addition to the house is H24.

While the brand’s best-seller is the famous Terre d’Hermès, the H24 risks depriving it of its place as the essential men’s fragrance. There are metallic notes of sclarene, which is a synthetic ingredient whose smell is reminiscent of steam when in contact with metal. The fragrance also includes notes of sage, narcissus and rose to bring some warmth to its metallic base.

hermes men's perfume H24

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Acqua Di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Bergamotto Di Calabria La Spugnatura

While the perfume’s Italian name may go unnoticed, it’s fun to note that spugnatura means…sponge. This edition, which can be translated as Bergamot from Calabria, the sponge edition, is in fact the translation of an artisanal perfumery technique for extracting essences, which consists of applying a marine sponge to the fruit in order to collect its effluvium. This process is particularly delicate and is carried out by hand; it preserves the entire aromatic range of the fruit, for a high-quality fragrance.

As always with Acqua Di Parma, the bottle is very elaborate. This one is made of porcelain and can be filled once emptied. Inside we find notes of lemon, tangerine, bitter orange and grape. It could almost be unisex and pass itself off as a women’s fragrance.

men's perfume acqua di parma

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Montblanc Explorer Ultra Blue

As travel may resume, Montblanc perfume is a perfect choice, with its spirit that evokes adventure. Its azure blue bottle surrounded by leather will promise to find a good place in your bathroom. Once vaporized, we smell notes of lemon, exotic fruits, bergamot and pink pepper, as well as woody scents of patchouli leaf and finally leather.

montblanc explorer ultra blue men's perfume

Brioni Eau de Parfum

You may have already heard of Brioni, which is a manufacturer of luxury bespoke men’s suits. The house also offers a new fragrance, which opens with a note of ozone, green apple and peppercorn. It is followed by aromas of cedar wood, tonka bean and musk.

With its peppery and aquatic blend, it’s a fresh scent perfect for summer.

men's perfume brioni eau de parfum

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