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Dress Shoes for Men 2022

Dress Shoes for Men

Dress shoes are an essential part of the male wardrobe. Here is a selection of five pairs for all styles: Oxfords, derbies, brogues, moccasins and desert boots.

Having at least one pair of dress shoes is not only a worthwhile investment, but it is also (and above all) a necessity. Whether it’s for a wedding or a beer, a job interview or a baptism, certain events in life require that you have shoes that are as dressy as they are timeless.

Fortunately, there are many options in the men’s wardrobe, so there will always be a pair of dress shoes that will go with every style. As for the price, if you can, feel free to spend a little more than usual. It is not a question of spending your monthly salary on a pair, but spending a few euros more will allow you to acquire a pair that you can wear for years, or even all your life if you take it from time to time. At the shoemakers.

With these considerations in mind, here is a selection of five must-have dress shoes.


The Richelieus

If you must only have one pair of dress shoes in your closet, Oxfords are the first ones you should consider. This is the pair that will go very well with your most formal outfits, even if it is a question of wearing a tuxedo (which still happens very rarely). This ability to accompany the most dressy looks, the Richelieu owes to its closed construction, which gives it an elegant and refined appearance.


Derbies are slightly less formal shoes than Oxfords, but they are not formal. They will go great with almost any suit except tuxedos. Its more open construction on the top makes it more versatile and allows it to be worn with jeans, a suit or tweed trousers. This is particularly the case with this model found by reviewing San Marina men’s shoes.

The derbies are all indicated if you are one of the minimalist people who need the same pair of shoes that works as much as a suit during the week as a more casual outfit for the evening and the weekends.


When we talk about brogues, we are actually talking not about a particular shoe construction but about the details found on this shoe. More precisely, we can qualify as brogues a pair of shoes decorated with perforations. Initially, this set of small holes had a function, which was to let the water taken inside the shoes escape, for the shoes worn by Irish peasants in the marshes.

Today, these perforations have remained, for purely aesthetic purposes. Brogues are divided into several categories, depending on whether they have more or less small holes: quarter-brogue, semi-brogue and full-brogue. If you want to know more, you can read the file dedicated to brogues.

Brogues are therefore a generic category, these perforations which characterize them can be found both on Oxfords, derbies, shoes with buckles and boots. These details give the shoes a more dressy style.


For a long time, moccasins were considered too casual to be worn with a suit. But today, these considerations are over. Loafers today come in sleek, clean styles and are dressy enough to wear with a two-piece. Penny loafers feature a strip of leather that crosses the top of the foot (intended according to legend to place a coin there, hence the term “penny”); the bit loafers have a metal piece similar to a horse bit, and which would be purely decorative.

The desert boots

Desert boots (“chukka” in English) are not the first shoes that come to mind when discussing formal footwear. And if they are indeed absolutely not designed for formal occasions and are more intended to be worn with chinos, new collections come to prove us the opposite.

There are indeed today pairs in smooth leather with a refined silhouette and which have a small heel. The end of the shoe will then be a little thinner and the tapered profile of the shoe will allow it to accompany a costume without difficulty.

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