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How to Create Stylish Carporate T-Shirts

Stylish Carporate T-Shirts

Guide to know the main essential steps to create successful business t-shirts.

Since you started your business, you’ve come a long way. You have now found your premises, your website is operational and you have even hired an accountant and a lawyer for the administrative part. But you’re still missing one essential thing: t-shirts that reflect your company.

Corporate t-shirts are a tradition born in the United States, in the Miami of the 1950s. At that time, companies began to experiment with promotional t-shirts bearing their image. That’s how Mickey Mouse t-shirts started popping up on the streets.


Table of Contents

Determine your needs

There are a number of reasons why a company may create t-shirts for its employees. You have to start by determining yours first because the resulting design will be different depending on the objective sought. If the words have an impact, the graphic choices are just as much. You will be able to unconsciously convey messages thanks to these t-shirts.

The reasons that lead you to this adventure can be varied:

  • Promote your business;
  • Give as a gift to potential customers;
  • Carry the values ​​of your company;
  • Build an entrepreneurial spirit among your employees;
  • Mark a particular event.

Once your motivations are clearly defined, write down on a sheet the essential elements that should appear on your future t-shirts: the key themes, styles and personality traits that you want to associate with your company’s image. Concretely, do you rather want to go for a playful or serious style? Bold or conservative? Premium or accessible? Etc.

Define your budget and schedule

If you have a business, you are probably already well aware of the need to determine a budget and plan ahead. You will therefore have to ask yourself what is the necessary quantity of t-shirts you need. It will be to mirror your budget, and you can then determine the quality of manufacture and printing of the t-shirts that you can obtain.

The operation cost will not be based only on the quantity, but also by the customizations you decide. For example, embroidery will be more expensive than flocking. Organic cotton will cost a few euros more than basic cotton.

In terms of planning, the design will also take time, depending on the degree of customization and the complexity of the desired pattern. As always, anticipation will save you from unpleasant surprises, such as receiving your t-shirts after the event for which they were ordered.

If you want to take the logic a step further and your budget allows, you can also take a look at the custom caps on this page.

Overview of printing methods

There are many fabric printing methods for custom t-shirts. More specifically, we find screen printing, which is a technique using stencils that are placed between the ink and the support.

There is also flocking, which consists of transferring a pattern to the fabric by heating it in a press. It’s a bit like applying a Malabar tattoo, but on fabric. This is the cheapest and most popular option when it comes to customizations. However, depending on the quality of the flocking, it is not always the most resistant.

Finally, you can also find printing techniques on fabrics, using specialized printers. The quality of the result will largely depend on that of the machine used, so beware of really cheap models.


Successfully creating custom corporate t-shirts takes a bit of thought. But once your goals and desires have been well determined, all that remains is to find the right printing method. If you are stuck on the creative part, it is always possible to call on a designer (freelance for example). Some sites also offer customization modules, so you can experiment with different designs online before printing.

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