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Men’s New Sneakers Collection 2022

Men sneakers Collection 2022 (1) (1)

As you know, sneakers are the shoes that all men must have in their wardrobe. Each year, the brands collaborate with their favourite personalities who, together with the artistic teams, create the design that corresponds to them. In this article, find the best sneaker collaborations of the moment!

November and December are the best months for brands. Indeed, they offer you long-awaited, sometimes even unthinkable collaborations, so that you have the perfect gift idea for the end-of-the-year celebrations. Hunters of the latest trends are eagerly awaiting this moment! And this year, you have been spoiled. LeBron James, Travis Scott or Kanye West have created sneakers that look like them. 


LeBron James x Nike Air Force 1 Low, “Strive For Greatness”

We open the ball with Nike. Famous the world over for their understated, Old School sneakers, the most-worn pair is none other than the Air Force 1. Last month, LeBron James and Nike announced the release of the long-awaited LeBron James x Nike Air Force 1 Low, called “Strive For Greatness”. We forget the famous white of this basketball, this sand-coloured collab is in the image of the famous basketball player. Devoid of extravagance, everything is in sobriety for this pair. The black Nike logo highlights the model’s cream and sand checkerboard. Elegant and modern, these sneakers are flawless!

We love it as much as we hate it, one thing is certain, this collaboration between LeBron and Nike leaves no one indifferent. 

the best collab sneakers LeBron James Nike Air Force 1

Sean Wotherspoon x Adidas Superturf Adventure ”Grey/Orange”

After the first successful collaboration between Adidas and Sean Wotherspoon, the brand and the famous artist and designer have decided to embark on a brand new collaboration in autumnal colors. 

Made of grey, orange and sand, the Superturf Adventure sneaker is a clever mix between sporty and streetwear. With recycled materials, the Superturf Adventure will surprise you with its innovative and avant-garde lines. Perfect for men with extravagant or urban looks, this shiny and luminous pair can also bring a colorful touch to a more sober and casual outfit. 

No need to have a well-defined style, the collaboration between Sean Wotherspoon and Adidas allows all men to add to their wardrobe a pair of sneakers perfect for autumn days. So let yourself be tempted by this trendy and extravagant model!

The best Sean Wotherspoon and Adidas collab sneakers

Travis Scott x Nike Air Max 1 Baroque Brown

It will be necessary to wait until December 16 before being able to afford the Travis Scott x Nike Air Max 1 Baroque Brown. The famous rapper in the world, Travis Scott is not done with sneaker collaborations. Long-awaited by the most passionate, his new collaboration with Nike is a real marvel. 

The Air Max 1 gets a makeover with this thoughtful design in the image of the rapper. In brown and beige colours, there are red details that enhance and illuminate the basketball. A real favourite, the collaboration between Nike and Travis Scott is once again a success. Although the Air Max 1 is not unanimous because, in particular, of the hidden air bubble and the overall design, it is here sublimated and seems more “sober” and less “raw”. How far will Nike and Travis Scott go? We are already looking forward to seeing the next collaboration between the two!

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THE best collab sneakers Travis Scott and Nike Air Max 1

Rich Paul x New Balance 550

Surely my favourite pair of sneakers among the selection, I present to you the Rich Paul x New Balance 550. This collaboration between Rich Paul, famous sports agent and founder of Klutch Sports Group, and New Balance is a success. 

With its New Balance model in smooth and perforated leather, this sneaker has everything to seduce you. With sober and elegant colours, and urban and elaborate design, Rich Paul has created a pair that matches everyone. The cream colour takes over much of the shoe and touches of navy and sky blue underline the sporty line of the 550. The yellow highlights the brand logo, the initials of the famous agent Rich Paul and the tag of its tongue. We then obtain a perfect mixture of soft and luminous colours!

The Rich Paul x New Balance 550 is, therefore, suitable for everyone. Young sportsmen or businessmen, this model will break the codes and fit perfectly with all outfits. 

The best sneaker collabs from Rich Paul and New Balance 550

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Kanye West x Adidas Yeezy 700v3

We’re not going to teach you, Kanye West loves fashion and sneakers. So, it is only natural that we find him once again on the front of the stage alongside Adidas for this collaboration in autumnal colours. With this pair of Yeezy 700v3, Kanye West wanted to highlight more discreet lines, with colours in shades of brown and orange. 

The matching between these sneakers and an outfit is not the easiest! As a result, the Yeezy 700v3 is the perfect model for creatives and designers at heart. With its degraded shades that draw towards copper, this pair is one of the most beautiful currently on the market. Although the stock sold out very quickly, a release is likely to pop on December 10th… If you’re ever impatient, you can find it here. So stay tuned!

The best collaborations of Kanye West and Adidas Yeezy sneakers

In short

You will have understood it, on this end of the year there were many collaborations and especially beautiful collaborations. Autumn colors are in the spotlight, elegant lines too. But, one thing is certain, you are not ready to see what happens in 2022! 

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