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Men’s Raincoats 2022

Mens Raincoat

The men’s raincoat has seen improvements over the years to better protect against the elements. Its integration into wardrobes dates back more than a century, to the point of becoming an essential item of clothing, a must-have in any season. Coats are even more stressed in cold and rainy weather, providing warmth and comfort in addition to preventing the body from getting soaked or wet.

Discover now the types of raincoats for men essential to spend the rainy season well.


Back to basics: what is a raincoat

First of all, it is essential to understand what a raincoat is. The coat is a piece of clothing that is worn over another garment. The garment in question can be a sweatshirt, a jacket, a t-shirt, a shirt, or even a sweater. The coat, therefore, has long sleeves and can go down to the knees, or even lower. The advantage of the raincoat is its waterproof character. It benefits from a special treatment, which differs according to the coat, which makes it waterproof and keeps you dry.

Whoever wears it generally takes on a less casual, more sophisticated look. The coat (in general) is one of those clothes that alone changes your whole style. Thus, it is easy to distinguish coats from jackets and blousons, which are shorter in length and give a more relaxed and even sometimes sporty look.

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Here are seven types of coats that are perfect for rainy days.

The trench coat

The trench coat is the first type of coat you think of when the weather is threatening. The origin of trench coats dates back to the First World War when only the British military had them in their possession. Today, the trench is an excellent raincoat for men with shoulder pads and its martingale, that is to say, an adjustable belt.

He is also recognizable by his storm flaps. These are pieces that button on the right side, to prevent the rain from seeping in. Moreover, given its main reference, the Burberry trench, the trench coat is generally khaki or beige. Today, having passed into popular fashion, it can be found in several color variations such as dark blue, black, gray, etc.

men's beige trench coat
men's beige trench coat

The trench coat is made from waterproof cotton, poplin or leather. An elegant, classic and even casual look, this men’s raincoat can be worn with a pair of derbies, high-top sneakers or boots to protect your feet from water. Jeans can go just as well as suit pants. It will be necessary to make sure that the jeans are not too thick so as not to have wet thighs.

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Many consider the mac, mackintosh, or mackintosh to be the father of the trench coat. Initially, mac was a waterproof coat brand. Today, thanks to its success, all brands want to make their own versions of it. Quite formal, the Mac has a straight cut, not crossed, and is lighter than the trench.

This men’s raincoat is made of two layers of coated cotton separated by a layer of wool. The Mac’s styling is clean and lends itself to a multitude of looks, making it a darling of high-end brand enthusiasts.

mackintosh men's navy blue coat
mackintosh men's navy blue coat

Coated oilskin

The oilskin can do the trick when it rains without a trench coat and a mackintosh. Waterproof, the waxed jacket is available in several shades of color, and may or may not have a hood. This coat ensures the stature of an adventurer, motorcycle enthusiast, hunter in the countryside, etc. Renowned for its navy fashion, the wool lining of this men’s raincoat keeps you warm, and it’s very practical closure system make it a very coveted coat.

yellow coated raincoat for men

The parka

To face the wettest and coldest weather, the parka is an excellent ally. Lined and waterproof, the parka is a direct descendant of the Inuit anorak and is suitable for tall or slender builds. It has a hood and thanks to its multiple front pockets, the parka is one of the most practical coats.

Another characteristic feature is its thickness is dense, and its more modern versions borrow elements from several other types of raincoats for men to keep warm and protect themselves from the elements. Less thick parka models can be worn in the spring.

khaki men's parka with fur collar

The duffle coat

Like the trench coat, the duffle coat also has military origins, specifically on the side of the English navy, in the 19th century. However, the buttonholes of the duffle coat, Brandenburg, are inspired by the Prussian army. For reasons of modernism, more and more duffle coats are equipped with a snap closure. The main characteristic features of this type of men’s raincoat are the thick woolen cloth and the particularly wide hood.

men's beige duffle coat
men's beige duffle coat

The overcoat

The overcoat is often equated with raincoats, due to its length and dense woolen texture. Generally equipped with a double-breasted closure, there are lighter and lighter overcoats made of polyester with a more modern, straight closure. Ideal for people of large build, the overcoat is usually worn over a suit.

men's overcoat worn over a suit

The chesterfield coat and the cover coat

Other types of men’s raincoats, such as the chesterfield and the cover coat, differ somewhat. It should be remembered that the two types of coat only differ on small scales, such as the general twill or beige color of the cover coat and the gray, anthracite, or navy color of the chesterfield.

The length and the topstitching or not below the sleeves and the basques are also elements that make it possible to differentiate them. However, on the fashion side, the cover coat is more casual and more elegant and is more popular than its elder, the chesterfield, which is longer. These two types of raincoats for men can easily be substituted for each other.

chesterfield coat worn by Daniel Craig
Men's navy blue chesterfield coat

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