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Pros and Cons of Blue Glasses

Blue Glases (1)

Blue light, mainly from screens, has a major negative impact on the body’s natural rhythm and in particular on sleep. Fortunately, there are glasses specially designed to filter this light and guard against its negative effects.

Do you know how much time you spend staring at a screen each day? If you’re like most people, you probably don’t even ask yourself the question. And today is precisely the day we remedy that.

Exposure to screens and the light they give off is a modern subject, our ancestors up to our grandparents did not have to worry about it. But today, in a world where screens are ubiquitous, it is important to take care of them, in order to better regulate our exposure and the way we submit to them.

Light, and in particular blue light, has a significant impact on sleep and more generally on health. If we are too exposed to it, especially at the wrong time, real risks can appear.

Blue light comes mainly from screens, but not only. Our light environment also provides it, like some of our energy-saving bulbs that are found both at home and in public spaces.

Limiting the time spent experiencing this light is the first way to reduce and therefore control our exposure to it. But this will not be enough, especially for all those who have an activity requiring work on a screen. Fortunately, there are now tools to protect yourself, such as blue light-blocking glasses. Unlike the protections that apply directly to the screens, the glasses have the advantage of following you everywhere, and therefore block all the sources of light that you may encounter.


The negative effects of blue light

Blue light is the only one that has a negative effect on sleep and circadian rhythm.

A circadian rhythm is a biological rhythm lasting approximately 24 hours, which has at least one cycle per 24-hour period. The term “circadian”, coined by Franz Halberg, comes from the Latin circa, “around”, and dies, “day”, and literally means a cycle that lasts “about a day”.

What exactly is blue light? It is the light which has the shortest wavelength on the light spectrum captured by the eye. The sun notably contains this light, as well as all the others perceptible to the human eye. The problem is that the screens also contain it, but at a much higher concentration.

Exposure by itself to this light is not in itself likely to cause harm to the body, but if this exposure is prolonged, then the eye consumes a much greater quantity than in a natural environment, which has a negative impact. on sleep.

More concretely, studies show the risks for sleep cycles and the internal clock. The production of melatonin (a hormone that regulates the circadian cycle and is essential for sleep) is, for example, slowed down or even stopped by blue light. This light also has the effect of stimulating the production of cortisol, which is a stress hormone that has the effect of altering sleep. More generally, blue light, therefore, has the effect of reducing periods of sleep and causing greater waking phases during the night.

The benefits of blue light-blocking glasses

The good news is that blue light-blocking glasses are effective in preventing these negative effects. They filter this light and help restore quality sleep and a more natural body rhythm.

They also have the merit of not darkening the vision, they will absorb the blue light while the others, of a longer wavelength, will reach your eyes.

Conversely, applications intended to block this light are not effective. While in theory, they are a good idea, studies show that they do not block enough light to really protect the human body and allow the natural rhythm to be maintained. For example, a 2018 study showed that the night mode present on Apple devices (including iPhone and iPad) did not prevent the suppression of melatonin production.

Mize, screen glasses

Mize is a young eyewear house founded in 2016 by Jean-Philippe and Coralie. It offers several models of glasses with current or slightly retro designs, including a range of anti-reflective and anti-blue light glasses.

Unlike many consumer brands, Mize has chosen to offer more high-end models, without lapsing into luxury. The frames are made to last (they are available in acetate, injected plastic or stainless steel) and the lenses benefit from BlueLight Protection.

–> website link

On the design side, the different models offered will not cut corners on your style. You will be able to choose your glasses according to frame and lens shapes, which will allow you to select the right pair according to your face.

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