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Selection of Responsible Brands for Shopping

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Buying responsibly surely speaks to many of you. But do you really know what it is? In this article, we explain what responsible purchasing is and we offer you our selection of responsible brands, found at DreamAct. 

When you want to buy responsible products, it actually means completely rethinking the way you buy. Purchasing responsible products include social and environmental criteria. In addition, responsible products, like products for the home, make it possible to no longer use disposable products (for example sponges or paper towels). 

For businesses as much as for consumers, integrating this responsible purchasing policy enables an ecological transition. Indeed, for companies, responsible production includes a limit on the carbon impact. From a human rights point of view, it is also a matter of promoting positive employment and limiting the work overload of employees.

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Table of Contents

Our selection of responsible products

Selection of men’s clothing

Clothing, accessories or leather goods, there is now a wide range of responsible products. Ethical clothing can be made in France or in Europe. In addition to promoting local employment, buying ethical clothing avoids the many transport shipments from countries like India or China. In addition, ethical clothing is made using natural, organic materials or recycled fabrics, and is not produced in very large quantities so as to limit unsold stocks (which are thrown away). 

Fair producers, respectful of human and labour rights, pollute little or nothing when designing clothes. Today, we are fortunate to be able to enjoy all types of responsibly produced clothing. We present our selection of responsible brands for men. 

Pétrone puts its know-how at your service to offer you elegant and durable boxer shorts. Made in Portugal, in organic cotton that respects the environment and people, GOTS certified, it is also OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified.

Responsible buying: our selection of responsible brands

The ALENTOUR sweater is a 100% made-in-France product. Design, development, cotton thread, knitting and manufacturing, everything was designed in France. The recycled yarn used comes from Filature du Parc. A sweater, 100% French and 100% responsible. 

Should we introduce you to  Faguo? The brand is committed to planting a tree for each product purchased in order to offset the carbon impact linked to production. The Rosny Parka is perfect for winter. Elegant and trendy, it is made of 100% recycled polyester.  

Selection of accessories, leather goods and shoes for men

Grafton Bleu offers unisex beanies, made from 100% organic cotton. Respectful of the planet and people, the production has obtained GOTS certification. For each Blue Girafon hat purchased, 2 euros are donated to an association for the protection and safeguarding of giraffes in Africa. 

The Récif brand is committed to offering products that respect the environment. His Ocean backpack is proof of that. 100% recycled from plastic waste that has been collected at sea, the backpack is sturdy, practical and lightweight. Know that for each backpack purchased from the Récif brand, you plant a coral and you contribute to the removal of 3 kg of plastic from the ocean!

Subtle is a high-end and eco-responsible brand that offers eco-friendly sneakers and derbies. The Epsilon model is 100% vegan and is supported by the PETA association. Elegant and modern, the pair of sneakers use materials that come from a single region of Portugal. 

Beauty selection for men

Responsible cosmetics are made using natural products and are often short-circuit products. The first advantage lies in the composition of the treatments. Indeed, you know what the product you have decided to buy contains, there is no component harmful to your health and your skin. 

Thus, in eco-responsible cosmetics, there is only a very limited quantity of natural ingredients. All chemical components, dyes or perfumes are exempt. The environmental impact is low, the workers are respected and you can easily trace the origin of the products. 

The Bivouac care set includes three products: a 100% biodegradable surgeries soap, a face cleanser, and a moisturizing face gel. All use natural ingredients from organic farming. 

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The brand Les Candidates offers natural care for the body and the face on a circuit that you can trace to the producer. The Prosper box for men is perfect for those looking for local products, with unparalleled quality. 

Dream Act: the website for responsible consumption

All the products that we have presented to you previously are available on the Fashion Chameleon website. The best ethical products are listed there so that you can make your choice as easy as possible. Each brand offered by Dream Act is respectful of the environment and of people. Dream Act announces it: “Look no further, the manager, this is where he grows up”. 

Dream Act is a website for responsible consumption on a daily basis. Ethical fashion, natural cosmetics, sporting goods, delicatessen… you can find plenty of unusual nuggets, made in France and ecological on this e-shop of committed brands. On each product sheet, we discover in complete transparency the places of manufacture, the raw materials used, and the jobs created thanks to its purchase. An ideal site for yourself or to make gifts to loved ones. 

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