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Stylish Men’s Sandals 2022

Stylish Mens Sandals 2022 (1) (1)

It’s not just Birkenstock when it comes to sandals. Here is a selection of luxury and premium models for an effective and uncompromising style.

Sandals are no longer reserved for the beaches, they have become in recent years an integral part of men’s dressing. While they are found in a wide variety of styles and colours, they are now available for all styles.

In addition to being comfortable and pleasant to wear, men’s sandals quickly give a sharp style. But still, it is necessary to choose them of good quality. There is therefore no question of going to Decathlon to find the ideal pair. Here is a selection of the best luxury and premium sandals.


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Saint Laurent

Saint-Laurent has launched black leather sandals with a half-rock, half-classic spirit. Under the artistic direction of Anthony Vaccarello, these men’s sandals are among those that stand out without being extravagant.


Prada is one of the big houses when it comes to men’s clothing. With his timeless but always up-to-date style, the artistic director of the brand Miuccia Prada knew how to make a very good sandal.

It’s a mix of urban and designer styles, which promises unparalleled comfort combined with finishes worthy of haute couture.

Rick Owens

Rick Owens is one of the designers who has been redefining the contours of style since 1994. Based in Paris and originally from California, he creates pieces that oscillate between haute couture and utilitarian spirit. These sandals will go very well for both your cocktails and your Sunday walks.

Alexander McQueen

Designer Alexander McQueen’s sandals are a clever mix of punk spirit and attention to detail. They will be worn indoors for your Netflix days as well as for going out in formal places. However, we will avoid associating them with a costume.

McQueen offers many styles of sandals, and all draw inspiration from his hometown of London.


Marni sandals have been famous since the late 1990s. Since the founding of the brand by designers Consuelo and Gianni Castiglioni in 1994, the collections have featured many styles, from the most classic to the most daring.

Toga Virilis

Toga Virilis manages the tour de force of mixing a retro American style with a more street touch. The Japanese brand specializes in luxury sandals with premium materials that also include metal inserts and details, which stand out.

These sandals, anything but discreet, will be the highlight of your look.


Grenson is an English brand known for the resistance of its shoes in inclement climates. Founded in 1895 and based in the county of Northampton, the house has launched collections of particularly comfortable and sober sandals.

Dolce & Gabbana

The Italian house Dolce & Gabbana has succeeded in creating elegant men’s sandals, whose inspiration lies between the traditional model and contemporary materials. Designed in leather, fabric or rubber, they will accompany a large number of styles. Particularly timeless, these sandals promise to accompany you for a while.


Valentino has succeeded in combining a classic style with bolder patterns in a men’s sandal. With its clean finishes despite its appearance that could make you think of a lifeguard model, it will go very well with casual, dressy and casual chic styles.

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Off White

Off White is one of the designer brands that are particularly popular among new generations. His creations are particularly street oriented and always have a strong fashion temperament.

Drawing on its hip-hop inspirations while adding colour contrast and prominent logos, Off White has launched a range of sandals that will be the single highlight of your look.

Bottega Veneta

It is again to Italy that we are turning, with the Bottega Veneta house. Founded in 1966, it specializes in luxury braided leather products. It is therefore quite natural that the brand has launched a collection of men’s sandals in this straight line.


Rombaut had fun playing with textures and volumes to create a resolutely pointed pair of sandals. With its sole worthy of 1990s sneakers and its upper structure reminiscent of walking shoes, it promises unparalleled comfort and support, without compromising on style.

Jacques Wolf

As summer approaches, you are looking for men’s sandals and shoes that are both trendy and refined. You make it a point of honour to choose high-quality leather shoes. Moreover, it’s a safe bet that you will find leather sandals, which we recommend on the Jacques Loup website. Indeed, this Jacques Loup online store has stood the test of time by offering high-quality products that you will enjoy wearing. This shop offers models of shoes as it already does in its store located at 21, rue d’Antibes in Cannes.

You should know that this shop offers shoes, but not only. You will be able to find there for your greatest happiness, ready-to-wear, bags or even luxury accessories for the whole family, namely men, women and children. Founded in 1941, this brand is a true reference in the field of fashion and you are sure to find high-quality products that you will find nowhere else. If you let yourself be tempted by a product from the brand, you will certainly be won over.

men's sandal in jacques loup lambskin, with two bands

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