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What Are Vintage Watches?

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Introducing About Vintage, a Danish watch brand that showcases premium timepieces.

When it comes to watches, Switzerland is often the first country that comes to mind. Lovers of fine tocantes will also mention Japan, which also has a rich history in terms of watchmaking innovation. While it is true that the Swiss country and that of the rising sun can boast of having some of the biggest watch brands in the world in their ranks, they are not the only players in the field.

Other brands have emerged since the watch has become an essential accessory of male style. And the watchmaking world is very fertile since new houses are regularly emerging. Among the brands founded in the last decade, there is one whose roots are Danish: About Vintage.


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Introducing About Vintage

Founded in 2014 by two Danish friends, the adventure of About Vintage begins far from Denmark. The project was born on a beach in Mexico, when the two companions exchanged their desire to undertake around a few beers. After studying marketing, they decided to make this project their job. And we must admit that the bet is quite successful, since we find today on the shop about sixty variations of watches.

On the design side, About Vintage offers models that combine minimalism and timelessness. Imagined and designed in Copenhagen, capital of Denmark, they are dedicated to lovers of fine timepieces who like their watch to combine elegance, simplicity and durability.

The Nordic countries clearly have a long way when it comes to energy transition. This is verified again via About Vintage. The brand aims to offset all of its CO2 emissions (delivery and storage included) by financing United Nations environmental projects.

The positioning of the brand is premium, while remaining affordable compared to middle prices. It will take between 350 € and 400 € for a model.

Overview of collections

About Vintage’s collections are named after a year. Here is a selection of models that are worth seeing.

GMT 1982

GMT watches are well known to lovers of fine watchmaking. These are models that can display the time in both a 24-hour and 12-hour format. For the record, GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time (or Greenwich Mean Time) and corresponds to the point “0” on the 24 time zones on earth. This watch was initially created for medium and long-haul pilots who cross several time zones during their flight. It is used to display both the time at the place of departure and the local time of arrival.

Concretely, you will find on this edition the hour hand, that of the minutes as well as that of the seconds. And in addition, a fourth which indicates a second hour in 24-hour format thanks to the bezel.

Chronograph 1844

Visually more discreet but also featuring a complication , the 1844 model is one of those that stand out. The watch has a nice aesthetic balance since the presence of the buttons linked to the chronograph is counterbalanced by numbers and finer lines. Despite the size of its case, this watch remains minimalist.

A little reminder sting, the chronograph is a function that allows you to measure periods of time, like a stopwatch. The first watch of this kind was invented by a Frenchman, Louis Moinet, in 1815. The initial use of this complication was intended for astrology: the inventor was indeed seeking to measure time more precisely in his calculations, and his invention allowed an accuracy of 1/60th of a second, which was a feat.

Chronograph 1815

About Vintage offers another version of a chronograph watch called 1815. That is precisely the year of the invention of this complication. The main difference with its cousin 1844 is essentially aesthetic. Inside the watch, we find the same Miyota 6S11 quartz movement as well as a 41 mm case. But on the dial, it is on a pearly white that royal blue hands come to indicate the time, thanks to indexes and graduations also blue.

More visual, this watch is intended for lovers of slightly more visible models.


Vintage 1969

We conclude this selection with one of the brand’s most elegant models, the 1969 Vintage. This year corresponds to a key date in the history of watchmaking, since this erotic year , as Gainsbourg sang, was also that of the invention of the quartz watch.

Whereas previously watches had to be wound to function, the arrival of the quartz mechanism enabled men to free themselves from this obligation. From now on, it was possible to acquire watches which remained on time as long as the battery was not exhausted. In short, this mechanism consists of the delivery of a quantity of energy in the quartz, which echoes this energy at very regular intervals in the mechanism of the watch.

The 1969 model is unisex and translates as an elegant mix of color accents on a classic watch.

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