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Why and How to Choose a Phone Case of I Phone

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Guide to mobile phone cases: why are they important, which model to choose, what to pay attention to.

When buying a smartphone, we all face the same dilemma: should we buy a case? On the one hand, prudence advises us to protect our new purchase at several hundred euros. On the other hand, aesthetics tells us that it will be less pretty. What to decide?

In short, it is clearly advisable to buy a case to protect your laptop. If these are more and more powerful, they have also become much more fragile. So much so that a fall is enough to knock them out. It is, therefore, better to add a few tens of euros as a preventive measure, before avoiding spending a hundred on repairs.

But luckily, that doesn’t mean your laptop is doomed to become unsightly. There are actually a large number of cases today with very different designs, which could well make your phone even more stylish.

We take stock of the subject: why is it important to protect your phone, what type of shell do you need and what to think of protective screens.


Table of Contents

Why should you protect your smartphone?

The main weakness of modern mobile phones is the fragility of their screen. They are particularly breakable, especially if the impact at the time of a fall is at one of the angles. This is where the forces exerted on the glass are greatest.

To prevent your screen from breaking, choose covers made of shock-absorbing materials (such as silicone or rubber) and that cover the corners of the phone. Conversely, plastic shells will be less effective. They will absorb shock waves less.

Depending on whether you have a hectic daily life or not, you will have to choose a more or less resistant hull. If you work on a construction site or use your smartphone during sports activities, it is better to opt for robust protection. Conversely, if your phone is only slightly used, a thinner cover will be possible. For example, you can opt for a transparent model that will not distort its design.

It’s not just the screen that deserves to be protected, all the internal parts are also fragile. With the miniaturization of models, printed circuits, chips and cards are becoming smaller and more prone to breakage. The case will also protect the internal parts of your phone.

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Consider their needs

The main risk against which you want to protect yourself is the fall of the phone. But it’s not the only one. Water damage is another plague of modern phones. Granted, they happen less often, but their effects can be devastating. Holiday periods are particularly good for this. A phone falling into the sea or swimming pool is not uncommon. To protect you from this, there are waterproof cases that completely waterproof your phone.

If more and more devices are now protected against water, it does not go to the point of total immersion in the liquid. Using a phone case is therefore still important. This is especially true if you are at the beach, as phones are not protected against the effects of salt-related corrosion.

For some users, the empty battery is a recurring problem. Cases can be the solution to this problem because some include an integrated battery, which can double (or even more) the autonomy of your smartphone.

If you’re planning on buying yourself a new phone, keep in mind that most case manufacturers make products for the dominant brands, Apple and Samsung. If you opt for other manufacturers, you will certainly find cases, but it may be more difficult to find cases with specific features.

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What about screen protector film?

Stores specializing in the sale of protective shells often offer their customers the option of acquiring a protective film. This is a transparent film that sticks directly to the phone screen. It can be a good idea, provided you choose the right one.

Concretely, there are two categories of films: those made of plastic and those made of tempered glass. The former is not very resistant and suffers marks more easily. Conversely, the latter is more resistant and withstands time better. Unsurprisingly, they are also more expensive. Ideally, aim for a film that displays a 9H resistance, which will be a very good compromise between solidity and transparency to continue to enjoy your screen.

The film should be seen as bonus protection, not sufficient protection in its own right. In order to protect you against shocks, the shell will remain essential.

Customizations to find the ideal case

The colour of the shell is the first element that comes to mind because it is the one that will determine for many the final aesthetics of your phone. But there are other things to consider as well.

Also, take into account the grip provided by the shell. Some models are indeed designed with ridges to better hold them in hand, which further reduces the risk of dropping them.

Also, make sure that all the buttons are properly covered by the shell to allow their use, and that a sufficient opening is left for the fingerprint reader and the camera. Manufacturers are usually attentive to these details, but a pre-purchase check is always a good idea.

Finally, hulls today are almost always made of plastic or a derivative of plastic. But there are also models designed in biodegradable materials (like wood) if you want to give concrete application to your ecological ideas.

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